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We are registered ANKC breeders of Great Danes and we strive to produce Great Danes for pet homes, show homes and as service Danes. Please feel free to have a look around, we hope that the information provided on this website is helpful in your research of the Dane breed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have! 

WE Currently have puppies

SCAM WARNING!: Please read!!

WE are an ANKC registered breeder. Which means we are members of our nationally recognised state canine association (DOGS Victoria).
Amongst other things, we have had to sit an exam to become members, we are also held to a very high standard of care (which we exceed). To View ANKC registered Breeders of Great Danes please click here​.

If your puppy 'breeder' isn't on this list and they live in Victoria then they are a backyard breeder or a puppy farm!  
Many puppy farms and back yard breeders are claiming to be registered with an organisation known as the the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB) this is NOT a registered breeder organisation and is a put simply they are a lobby group that Puppy Farmers/Puppy Factories are hiding behind to fool you the potential puppy buyer.



Puppies are raised in a loving environment

Our puppies are raised as members of our family 
Lifetime breeder support

You can always contact us with any concerns you might have 
Health Testing and Guarantee

Whilst health testing is not a 100% guarantee against genetic defect it DOES significantly reduce the risk of disease. This is why we fully health test and Guarantee our puppies. 
Proven lines and known
Family histories
Knowledge of the breed

We are Great Dane obsessed , we have spent countless hours researching the breed to ensure that we remain up to date, we always welcome questions! and if we dont know you can bet that we will find out for you!

Re-Homing policy

If at any time you are unable to care for your pup they will always have a home with us.  Our Danes will NEVER end up in shelters. we make sure of this by way of written contracts.

Tel: 0429 585 341

PO Box 491, Bright, Victoria, 3741

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